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According to Rory, Tiger is working for the pros

GM. This is Easy Pars. The golf newsletter that hopes Tiger can make us all believe again…in a different way.

Here’s what we’ve got for you today:

  • Tiger working hard to make things right in the PGA?

  • Something strange is happening in Ohio (at least to courses)

  • Who you got for Player of the Year?

It’s a player-run organization, right?

The PGA tour is unlike the NBA, NFL, MLB, or just about any other professional sports organization in one hard-to-believe way.

The PGA Tour is a non-profit. Not a charity, mind you. Just an organization that benefits its members.

Yup, even though the PGA reports about $1 billion in annual revenue, it’s still registered as a non-profit organization that’s run by its board of directors, leadership team, and player advisory council.

If it’s a player-run organization, then how did this whole PIF/PGA Tour deal get negotiated without the knowledge and/or approval of the players?

Good question. Maybe Jay has some answers, but more on that later.

Even though most players were shocked by the prospect of getting access to massive amounts of funds, they weren’t entirely happy with having been kept in the dark.

Enter Tiger Woods.

According to his good pal, Rory McIlroy, Tiger has been pretty active since he’s been added to the player advisory council.

Details of his activism were not detailed, but the gist of it is that Tiger wants to make sure that the players retain some degree of leverage within the organization.

Since the big overarching plan is to convert the PGA to a for-profit organization, the players want to make sure they have a say in what will/won't happen in the future.

Unfortunately, that tidbit from Rory is the only PGA/PIF news.

Other than that, there’s literally nothing new to share on the deal, at least right now.

Commissioner Jay Monahan held a press conference this Tuesday where he made an incredible point of not making a point.

The only update he gave was that “progress is being made”.

Not the most confidence-inspiring statement, but such is the case with these billion-dollar-mega deals.

Pretty sure someone said this after hearing his non-update, update:

What is happening in Ohio Golf?

A string of Ohio golf courses have faced closures in the past couple of years.

This has left the Ohio golfers worried about the future of the sport that we all so dearly love.

The Sanctuary Golf Club, situated north of Canton, Ohio, is the next one scheduled to down permanently in October, adding to a list of closed courses, including:

  • Tam O'Shanter

  • Skyland Pines

  • Seven Hills

  • Edgewood

  • Rolling Green

  • and Lake View

Quite the unfortunate list. Are you in Ohio and affected? Hit reply and let us know.


It's always a bummer when a business gets shut down, in particular when it's a golf course.

We golfers are a sentimental bunch and we tend to feel at home at our local course given the amount of hours we spend there.

When asked about the reason why these courses are being closed down the answer is simple: they weren't profitable.

A sign of the times? Perhaps.

The silver lining is that the surviving local courses seem to have a solid roster of members and appear to be thriving in these uncertain times.

Are you team Rahmbo or team Scottie?

The Player of the Year award is one of the highest accolades that any pro-golfer can receive.

What makes it so special is that it’s that the player of the year is voted by all their fellow players.

This year, the two players that are runners-up to the player for the Player of the Year award are Jon Rahm and Scottie Scheffler.

Rahmbo has won a major and 4 tournaments at the beginning of the season going for him.

Scheffler has to W’s and what seems to be record-breaking consistency. The guy seems to never have fallen off the top ten for the whole season which is what has kept him firmly in his number 1 spot.

What is more important for you? The number of wins or the sum of their performances?

Who's your player of the year pick?

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Who’s done it?

That’s a wrap today! We’ll be back Monday with all the weekend golf happenings and maybe a Player of the Year and a detailed merger deal?

Never say never!

Later gator,