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  • This is exactly why we all hate to ✔ golf bags

This is exactly why we all hate to ✔ golf bags

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GM. This is Easy Pars. The golf newsletter that loves golf travel, but hates checking luggage — especially clubs.

Here’s what we’ve got for you today:

  • The first Myrtle Beach Classic (and why it matters)

  • Why do golf clubs get lost so frequently?

  • The best golf content from around the web

The inaugural Myrtle Beach Classic

This Thursday, the first-ever Myrtle Beach Classic begins, at The Dunes Golf and Beach Club.

Any big names? No, not really.

We skimmed the list pretty hard, but didn’t find one pro that’s often mentioned in Big Golf media. All great golfers, for sure. And there’s something that causes us to believe it will be a well-followed tourney — by a more digital fanbase.

On the list, we did find four very interesting, and oft-mentioned names here at Easy Pars.

Namely, the Bryan Bros, George and Wesley Bryan.

If you remember, we wrote how both George and Wesley are prominent “golf YouTubers” who competed in two different recent tournaments.

  • Wesley finished 2nd to Billy Horschel, at the Corales Puntacana.

  • George finished 2nd to Matt Atkins at the Q qualifier for the Myrtle Beach Classic (the one happening this week).

And guess what? ALL four players are now playing at the Myrtle Beach Classic!

Even though he didn’t win the qualifier, George got a call from the tournament director. The video below will take you to the exact moment of the video where the call happens.

That’s right! George is in his 2nd ever PGA event. Wesley earned his place, too.

Now, both Bryan Bros have a shot a revenge — even though they have to fight through their own sibling to get it.

And let’s be honest, with the field, it’s possible one of these four players gets hot.

We hope so, because it’ll be good for the game.

Bryan Bros right now (probably):

Lost clubs almost caused a WD for an entire golf team

Speaking of the golf capital of the world (Myrtle Beach). Ever fly with your clubs?

For pros and college golfers — it’s a regular reality.

But so is lost luggage. Labor shortages and increased travel pressure have caused an increase in lost bags, even though (according to airlines) it remains below 1%.

That said, the women’s NCAA golf team of Little Rock may have skewed that number.

They had 23 bags that didn’t arrive for a tournament when the ladies arrived, including their clothes and clubs.

Thankfully, everyone arrived safely on Saturday. And their clubs? They arrived yesterday, in time for their regional match today.

Want a couple of quick tips for traveling with clubs? Here are the best two we found on Reddit:

Would you be afraid to fly with clubs?

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That’s it for today, golf fan.

We’ll be back Thursday, likely after the first round of the Classic at The Dunes Golf and Beach Club.

Later gator,