Did JT fire his dad?

GM. This is Easy Pars. The golf newsletter that thinks golf is an outdoor sport but will play indoors if it’s cold, just like Tiger.

Here’s what we’ve got for you today:

  • Tiger strutting his new league

  • Irish Open!

  • JT on the outs with his dad? (Not according to pops!)

TGL is picking up steam!

Tiger and Rory’s new indoor golf league (TGL) is getting some major attention. A couple weeks ago, Serena Williams and her hubby bought a team. Now, New York Mets owner, Steve Cohen just bought one, too!

The fourth-purchased team will be based in New York, adding to LA, Boston, and Atlanta.

Where will the final two teams be based? We’ll probably know soon. The push seems coordinated.

The end of the PGA USA season is here, and we’ll probably see more TGL news dominating the golf sites over the next couple of months.

Here at EasyPars, we’re for it!

The Irish Open is special to an Irishman

It’s just about time for the Horizon Irish Open! This year’s Open happens at the K Club in County Kildare, Ireland. We’re excited to get some post-USA season golf, but the one person who’s more excited?

Connor Purcell.

Connor is an Irish man who grew up getting excited about the Irish Open every year. Now…It’s his turn to burn up the course.

Did JT’s Dad disown him or something?

According to a report, Justin Thomas and his dad have a “rift.” At least that’s the word traveling around golf Twitter (aka X).

But according to JT’s dad, it’s a garbage report. It’s non-news news, BUT there is something we thought that was well worth covering. Something Mike Thomas (JT’s dad) was quoted as saying.

“It’s ridiculous. I just left Justin. We worked all morning. But, listen, if he did fire me, and it was for the better, then what’s the problem?”

Wow. Talk about dad of the year.

Son, if you find a better coach. Fire me. I want what’s best for you.

Dang. It’s not Father’s Day, but MT deserves a card.

Side note: The real person who needs to be fired is the one who decided to use that terrible picture of JT on the tweet.

Meme of the Day


That’s it for today, golfer. We’ll be back Monday with tales from the Irish Open. Maybe a Rory win?

Later gator,