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LIV is going strong...or is it?

+Inside look at caddying for Rickie!

GM. This is Easy Pars. The golf newsletter that still waiting for the right number.

Here’s what we’ve got for you today:

  • If the price is right? Then, why not?

  • Getting the boot is a scary thing.

  • Rickie Fowler’s caddie spills the beans.

“All that's out the window for the right number.”

It’s hard to gauge how well LIV is doing as a league.

On one side, you’ve got the viewership numbers on the CW Network (they’re not so good).

But you also have to consider massively successful events like the Adelaide event, which was super fun to watch.

And then, there’s the possibility that LIV might be shut down after the LIV/PIF deal goes through.

Why is this relevant?

The teams.

One of the ways in which the big names that signed with LIV were convinced was with the promise that they would be partial owners of the teams they captain.

And once sponsorships kicked in, this would make it a very juicy proposition.

But has this happened yet?

Yes, but, it’s still a little slow. 

The Majesticks GC were the first ones to get sponsorships. But most teams still don’t have sponsorship deals.

However, this might be changing.

According to Bubba Watson and Dusting Johnson, they’re starting to see compelling proposals coming in.

In Watson’s words: “I don't want just some random company; I don't care how much money it is,”

Considering that even the last-place team will earn $1.25 million, they’ve got enough funds to hold out for the right offer.

To which Joaquin Nieman, in the same interview added: “All that's out the window for the right number.”

4 players are getting cut from the LIV roster

This is one of the reasons why so many PGA Tour players were reluctant to move over to LIV.

What happens if they get cut?

It’s not like they can go back to the Tour, not yet at least.

Remember that not everyone got a massive life-changing check like Brooks Koepka or Phil Mickelson.

The paychecks were still big, but just a significantly lower tier of big.

What’s next for a LIV player who gets cut?

We’re not sure yet.

Next season, Chase Koepka, Sihwan Kim, Jediah Morgan, and James Piot are getting axed from LIV.

So we’ll have to wait and see where in which direction they choose to take their careers.

The Asian Circuit is the clearest option. Keep in mind, that there’s a massive pay gap between LIV and the Asian Circuit.

And they also have the option of trying to join LIV again if they qualify.

Still, there is a big degree of uncertainty for these talented players who had a really rough season.

“He’s one of the classiest out there.”

This is what PGA Tour Caddie Ricky Romano has to say about superstar Ricky Fowler.

“The guy is such a genuinely nice, good dude. And I can say that — it’s not a made-up thing”.

When interviewed in the SubPar podcast, Romano had a lot to share about his long career of being a caddy for some of the biggest names in golf.

But it was especially cool what he had to share about his current boss, Ricky Fowler.

“They want to touch him, they want to get close…”

Great podcast to learn from someone who’s got firsthand experience of what life is like for a superstar golfer.

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That’s it for today. We’ll go back to crunching numbers and waiting for the right one to come along.

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