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Here’s what we’ve got for you today:

  • You’re 21 and have $1.5 mil in your pocket…

  • “Oh, btw, you just won an extra $4 mil”

  • It pays to win in LIV, just ask Talor Gooch

Wholesome Tom Kim will enjoy his chocolate

Pop quiz, hot shot.

  • You’re 21 years old.

  • You’ve got $1.5 million sitting in your pocket.

  • You’re in Las Vegas.

On second thought, maybe keep it to yourself…

But surely you’ve got a lot of ideas right now, especially since Las Vegas is known for all of its wholesome amenities.

This is the predicament that Tom Kim just found himself in this weekend after defending his title at the Shriners Children’s Open in Las Vegas.

He had a solid performance with a 62 on Saturday and with a closing 66, that was good to beat Adam Hadwin by one shot.

This win marks Kim's third, which he says feels incredibly special.

“I feel like the first two wins came at me really quick. It took a lot longer than my first two wins to get my third one. But it's very sweet. This is really for the team. I've worked really hard personally, but without their help, I would not even be close to getting my third win.”

When asked at the press conference how he was going to celebrate, Tom said “I’m going to go back home and finish a piece of chocolate I’ve wanted to finish. And then I’m going to go to bed.”

Gotta love how wholesome Tom is after making waves in pro golf at the age of 21.

Brooks just realized he made some extra bank

As one of the best golfers in the world, Brooks Koepka is not stranger to big purses.

Especially since he moved over to LIV.

But for Brooks, it’s never been only about the money. He’s stated that everything he’s done is for love of golf.

Koepka took the win this past weekend at LIV’s Jeddah event, which earned him a cool $4 million.

Not bad for a weekend’s work.

The kicker, he won an additional $4 million in bonus money which he wasn’t aware of because he moved to third in the overall LIV season standings.

“Oh. Sweet, that's a good feeling, that's a good feeling," Koepka says in the clip. "I'm rich, thanks for breaking that news."

Sounds like Brooks had a good weekend.

Talor’s move to LIV really really paid off

You’ve gotta wonder how many PGA Tour pros are kicking themselves for not taking the big check LIV waved in front of them.

Talor Gooch is clearly not one of them.

To give you some context, in his past 123 starts on the PGA Tour, Gooch made a total of $9,250,299.

Not too shabby by normal people's standards.

But in contrast to the Rahms and McIllroys who are raking in over $30mil per season, you can see that there’s a clear pay gap.

Not anymore.

This year, with three wins and five top-10 finishes, he won $15,137,066 in individual earnings, on top of the $18 million for winning the points race. And let’s not forget that he’ll probably make a bit extra for the team championship.

In one season in LIV, Talor has almost quadrupled his lifetime earnings on the PGA Tour.

We can all feel confident that Talor is patting himself on the back for taking that big check that LIV gave him to join

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