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Here’s what we’ve got for you today:

  • John Daly did what again?

  • A missed opportunity for the Solheim Cup.

  • Brooks Koepka keeps on putting in the work.

The man, the myth, the legend: John Daly

John Daly is famous for several reasons.

First off, back in his prime, he played some amazing golf.

He’s a two-time major winner and was always in the mix of it.

Nowadays he gets the spotlight for other golf-related activities.

Such as wearing distinctive golf attire and golf carts every now and then.

Golf carts?

Daly, due to a knee injury, received special authorization to use a golf cart during PGA Tour events.

He’s had a few incidents where fans have come out to help him get his cart unstuck.

And now it seems that he allegedly flipped over his golf cart this Monday at the Sanford Invitational.

There’s still no official confirmation. But the man who came out of the battered cart was wearing similar clothes to what Daly was wearing a day earlier, blonde hair, and a caddy with the name “Daly” on the back of his Caddie Bib was also at the scene.

Hardly any conclusive evidence if you ask me.

This could’ve helped women’s golf grow its audience.

The Solheim Cup, which is the female counterpart of the Ryder Cup, is played every other year.

Just like the Ryder Cup. But they are usually not scheduled in the same year.

But thanks to Covid, this year both cups will be played almost back to back.

And according to Stacy Lewis, the US Team captain, this could’ve been a great opportunity to help the Solheim Cup get some much-needed attention to keep on fueling the growth women’s golf.

Even though women’s golf has been making strides in recent years, it’s following is still only a small fraction of the PGA Tour’s.

Considering that both cups are taking place in Europe, the US Team captain considers that it was a massive oversight to not do any joint interviews or some other dynamic that would shared the spotlight.

Unfortunately, the aspect of corporate sponsorships needs to be taken into account. So there was likely some contractual red tape that needed to be managed for this to happen.

The Solheim Cup will be moving back to being played in even years in 2024. So the likelihood of this cross-promotional opportunity repeating itself is low.

The new dad keeps on putting in the work

Having won his third PGA Championship this year and basically being on a tear the whole season, it would be hard to imagine Koepka not being a part of Team USA for the Ryder Cup.

US team champion Zack Johnson agreed with the rest of the internet and promptly gave him a call.

Because even though his golf has been great, due to the whole playing for LIV thing not being entirely resolved, he didn’t get a whole lot of points this season.

But Brooks Koepka is not one to rest in his laurels.

He’s famous for having a relentless work ethic, which is what he attributes his success to.

And as a new dad, his son is only two months old, he is now even more motivated to put in the work.

In a recent interview, Brooks shared: “I don’t want him to have any example of somebody being lazy, just dragging their butt. It’s, if you put the hard work in, you will get the results eventually, doesn’t matter what you do,”

So even in this week off from the PGA Tour, Koepka is putting in the work at the LIV Chicago event to make sure he arrives in tip-top shape, and with possibly another big check in his pocket.

Meme of the Day


John Daly, two bare feet, and too many drinks in. Duke’s of Hazard music blaring from the cart as it careens over the 10th green.

That’s it for today. For now we’ll go tune in to the Solheim Cup to watch some awesome end of the week golf.

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