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Rory about to settle it in the parking lot

GM. This is Easy Pars. The golf newsletter that will take a dive to celebrate a win.

Here’s what we’ve got for you today:

  • Golf, sweat, and tears at the 2023 Ryder Cup.

  • Rory was going to settle the score in the parking lot.

  • It all ended with a splash.

Europe was a team. A real team.

Team Europe took home the 2023 Ryder Cup.

And if you were to look at the final score, 16 ½-11 ½ simply, you could conclude that team Europe dominated.

The reality is that it was way more exciting than the final score shows.

Here are some of the highlights.

  • Rory Killed it. He earned 4 points this weekend, the most in his career and the most out of any player in the tournament.

  • Scheffler went head-to-head with Jon Rahm. It was epic and it was also the first time that two former Masters winners went at it in the Ryder Cup singles.

  • Max Homa put on a show for Team USA with 3 ½ points. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to catch up with Team Europe.

  • Tommy Fleetwood sealed the deal when going against Ricky Fowler and guaranteed the win for Team Europe.

Even though Team Europe took home the Cup with a commanding lead, the tournament showcased the best golf of the season.

And that’s all we could ever ask for.

It was almost going down in the parking lot

The details are somewhat hazy, but here’s what almost went down at the Marco Simone parking lot.

Rory McIlroy was seen getting into a heated argument with someone in the parking lot.

It appears to have been very heated; he was even pointing his finger, repeatedly. Until JT’s caddy, Bones McKay, stepped in, followed by Rory being directed into his car by Shane Lowry.

So what happened?

The situation seems to have resulted from Patrick Cantlay’s caddy, Joe LaCava, blocking Rory’s line of sight at the 18th green.

Rory claims to have asked LaCava politely to move out of the way. LaCava partially ignored the request. However, he did eventually free up McIlroy’s line of sight.

At the press conference, Rory shared that finger-pointing and expletives were directed to LaCava, not Bones McKay, as was thought from the video.

So much drama.

This is but just an example of how heated the environment was at this year’s Ryder Cup.

Colonel Sanders took a splash to celebrate Team Europe’s victory

Okay, it wasn’t the actual Colonel Sanders of KFC fame who took a celebratory plunge. But rather his European counterpart.

As the overly excited fan was rocking silver, a bowtie, and glasses the internet fans couldn’t help but note the resemblance to the famous coronel.

Just look at him sprinting toward the water.

His celebration, although probably a bit much, is something we can all relate to.

It’s been a while since Team Europe had won a Ryder Cup. And they did it in a commanding fashion.

It was about “redemption and not revenge”, noted Rory in a press conference later in the day.

Kudos Team Europe.

We’ll play it back in 2025 on American soil.

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That’s all we got for today. Now we’re heading off to catch up on some sleep after all the Ryder Cup excitement.

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