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Ryder Cup Fashion Fail 🇺🇸

GM. This is Easy Pars. The golf newsletter that thinks you’d rock an ugly Ryder Cup Cardigan.

Here’s what we’ve got for you today:

  • Ryder Cup fashion fail? You decide.

  • Golfing for a good cause.

  • Layoffs hit the PGA. Ugh.

Ryder Cup Couture

We’re definitely not fashion experts over here at EasyPars, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen those sweaters in a different sport that isn’t golf.

Let us add some context.

Ralph Lauren is the official uniform provider for Team USA during the Ryder Cup. (The company also usually designs Team USA’s Olympic duds, too.)

They’ll provide an exclusive tailored wardrobe for players, their families, caddies, and other Team USA golf executives.

So far so good.

But what do these beautifully tailored golf garments look like?

Well, as we said, we’re not fashion experts, but they really remind me of cricket.

That being said, rejoice in the Ryder Cup Uniform memes.

Hats off to Claire Rogers for presenting us with this true to life mockup of how the team USA players will look with their tailored uniforms.


Xander Xauffele follows Colin Morikawa’s lead to help victims of the Maui fires

Colin Morikawa promised on Twitter aka “X” that he would make a $1000 donation for each birdie he made at the FedEx Cup St Jude Championship.

His actions inspired Xander Xauffele to follow suit. On “X”, he committed to donating up to $100,000 similarly to Morikawa.

Also, Hawaiian golf legend Michelle Wie West committed to donating another $100,000 to help the families impacted by the fires.

It’s great to see how good actions inspire others to come together and help those in need.

Check out the story on EasyPars

Times are changing and budgets are shrinking

Remember the 90’s? Ah, it was the time when phones weren’t smart. When TV topped out at double-digit channels.

…and it was the time when ESPN was THE place to get your sports fix. And the PGA was the only name in golf.

A lot has changed in three decades. Phones are a gazillion times smarter. TV now has hundreds of channels.

ESPN, as you probably know, recently announced layoffs. Now, PGA of America decided to lay off 20 of their staff in what they’re calling a ‘realignment of resources’ while they’re finishing the move to their new $30 million Texas HQ.

It seems like these big legacy companies are starting to feel the pressure of the new-ish way in which news and content are being created and distributed.

Always a bummer to hear that people are getting laid off due to corporate restructuring, but with increased competition hopefully comes innovation.

Meme of the Day


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