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  • 👀Scottie hits driver for his second shot 🏌️

👀Scottie hits driver for his second shot 🏌️

GM. This is Easy Pars. The golf newsletter that always encourages you to hit driver off the deck. (You know you got it in ya 😎)

Here’s what we’ve got for you today:

  • Scottie goes out the way he comes into the season.

  • Is gambling in the PGA a good thing? (Aka, Homa gets heckled).

  • We know who won the BMW, but we don’t know much else.

Scottie closing the season with some flair

Did he need to do that shot the way he did?


But we sure are happy he did because it was awesome.

Needless to say, Scottie Scheffler is an uber-talented golfer. I mean, he is number 1 after all.

But when he takes shots like this driver off the deck, we all just take a moment to admire the awesomeness.

And the best part is that he took the shot just for fun.

He’s admitted to feeling tired from the long season and from all the attention he’s gotten as the top dog of the golf rankings. However, he also shared that he’s committed to finishing as strong as possible.

Which he did.

With a T2 at the BMW Championship, he’s pretty much locked in his number 1 spot.

Hecklers are gonna heckle

If it were any other sport, a heckler probably wouldn’t make the news.

But this is golf.

And for the most part, golf fans are really respectful when golfers are trying to hit the ball with the stick so it can go into the little hole.

But every now and then, a “fan” comes in and tries to be part of the show.

This is what happened to Max Homa and Chris Kirk this week during the BMW Championship.

As Max Homa was trailing Scottie Scheffler and Matt Fitzpatrick, a heckler clearly yelled “Pull it!” as he was attempting to putt for par.

Luckily, the heckler failed at distracting Homa, and he saved Par.

There were some well-deserved expletives directed to the “fan” by both him and his caddie.

At the press conference at the end of the day Max expressed how odd it was to be heckled since most fans are really supportive and cool.

He closed the subject by stating: “He was probably drunk, I hope for his case, or else he's just the biggest loser there is," when referring to the heckler who got removed from the field.

We agree, Max. The EasyPars crew has a unanimous ruling:

Poll of the Issue

We recently asked our FB page whether or not Brooks Koepka should make the Ryder Cup team. Let’s just say…people are really divided and now we’re asking you.

Does Brooks Koepka deserve a spot on the Ryder Cup?

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This is how the cookie crumbles

  • Who’s taking the $3.6 million from the FedEx Cup?

  • Who will be crowned player of the year?

  • Who’s qualifying for the Ryder Cup?

  • Who’s staying in the top 30?

These are all questions that we’ll have an answer to once the dust settles from the BMW Championship where Victor Hovland took home the W after a dominant final round.

The answer to the first question seems to be Scottie Scheffler with his T-2 finish. Whether he’ll also be crowned player of the year no one really knows since the criteria is kind of like rocket science at this point.

Side note: We’re really happy to see Hovland get a win. He’s been “up there” in so many top events this year!

That said, Viktor is going to cause some issues for the ole Red, White, and Blue, come Ryder Cup time.

As for the last two questions, we’ll have to wait to see what happens when the numbers are crunched and we can see the official standings.

It will be cool seeing who makes the top-6 to take part in the Ryder Cup and get the dubious honor of being clad in Ralph Lauren attire.

Guess we’ll have to stay tuned for later this week to see how the cookie crumbles and we can get some definitive answers.

Meme of the Day


That’s it for today, golfer. Stay tuned, we’re working on a massive list of golf memes we’ve made and compiled from this season. We hope to have it ready this week!

Later gator,