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  • 🏆 🚔 Xander's breakthrough (and Scottie's arrest) 🚔🏆

🏆 🚔 Xander's breakthrough (and Scottie's arrest) 🚔🏆

GM. This is Easy Pars. The golf newsletter that rides like a golf cart that’s never hit a bump.

Here’s what we’ve got for you today:

  • Xander (and Valhalla) lived up to the PGA Championship

  • Scottie (almost) gained another kind of record

  • Nelly Korda goes 6 in 7 👀


Xander Shauffele is a name you’ve likely heard. He’s not necessarily spoken of as much as some of the top names, but always in their company.


Well, for starters he’s almost always in contention, even flirting with the top spots. As the X post below says, he’s been in the top 20 in the past 9 majors — the only player to have that many in a row.

Impressive, but it seemed like Xander was in an “always the bridesmaid” situation…until yesterday.

Xander started Thursday as #1 and more importantly, ended #1 on Sunday.


Yes, we also had much other news related to tragedy, LMPD, and Valhalla. But we do want to call out the phenomenal golf on display this week. And we’ll do that by pointing to a social post from the never incendiary voice of reason — Phil Mickelson 😂

For the most part, here at Easy Pars, we agree. The tournament in a bubble was (hopefully) good for the game.

That said, there were other factors…

On tragedy and arrest

First, while we’re a positive, joking newsletter, we want to point out that what caused a major news event was a tragic loss of someone working for a vendor of the PGA Championship.

Our prayers are with the family of Mr. Mills.

And yes, Scottie Scheffler was involved in a traffic incident with an officer, arrested, booked, fingerprinted, and mugshot.

The response has been monumentous, to say the least. Tour players responded, beginning with Min Woo Lee, all the way to Max Homa.

When it comes to the fans, the memes, videos and commentaries were off the charts. Way too many to mention, but we’ll pick out one of our favorites and include a link to an epic collection.


And now the compilation in the form of tweets/posts:

No one should gloss over this

Louisville, KY stole the spotlight. No doubt.

But what Nelly Korda has done is currently doing is nothing short of 🐐-like behavior.

What more can we say, other than what the LPGA did here:

Wow, what a run…that’s ongoing.

Meme of the Day

This aged poorly, but it’s still funny.


That’s it for today, golfer. We’ll see you Thursday.

Later gator,