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  • 🚨 🚔 📹 Two new videos from Scottie's arrest

🚨 🚔 📹 Two new videos from Scottie's arrest

+ Airline employees toss clubs out of plane

GM. This is Easy Pars. The golf newsletter that would never try to smash the window of your courtesy car.

Here’s what we’ve got for you today:

  • More details about Schefflers encounter with the law

  • Flying with clubs takes another hit

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Scottie’s arrest is the big golf news, unfortunately

Just today, a few new videos emerged just after the incident between Scheffler and the LMPD officer.

One seems to back up eyewitness reports that the officer attempted to break the window of Scottie’s courtesy car.

The other is one where the officer reportedly shows off his pants and injuries from the incident.

Leave it up to the internet to point out potential flaws with the initial police report (just look at the responses in the above X post).

Remember, the officer said his $80 pants were beyond repair.

The officer in question was also penalized for not recording the incident on their body cam. So, the story keeps shifting, from the perspective of the authorities.

Scottie though? Steady as she goes.

“It [charges against Scottie] will either be dismissed, or we’ll go to trial.” — Steve Romines (lawyer representing Scheffler)

At this point, there is zero hope in settling for the LMPD or City of Louisville.

Wanna know how serious this is? Scottie’s lawyer showed up to address the press with some 3-day-old mutton chops growing on the sides of his head. He means business, if you ask us.

Here’s the video to see the full answer (and those chops):

They saw their clubs tossed from the plane

Ok, so at least the plane was on the ground, right? Take a look at this video and imagine your bag and clubs — or any other luggage for that matter.

Believe it or not, this is another collegiate golf team! This time it was the East Tennesee State University men’s team.

Delta has since come out and apologized to the team publicly.

They had to, since the ETSU team publicly shared the video from their official team account 😂

Be careful out there during your trip with the boys this summer.

Meme of the Day


Couldn’t help ourselves

That’s it for today. The Charles Schwab Challenge (going on now) is sure to yield some great golf.

We’ll be back Monday with all the latest, and hopefully less drama.

Later gator,