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  • 🐅 Tiger's in Valhalla, Korda went to a party 🌺

🐅 Tiger's in Valhalla, Korda went to a party 🌺

+Can she win 6 in a row?

GM. This is Easy Pars. The golf newsletter that’s looking forward to the next 4 days of golf!

Here’s what we’ve got for you today:

  • Tiger’s already playing Valhalla 👀

  • Korda’s too busy to think about legacy?

  • The Myrtle Beach Classic begins today!

Tiger’s taking his exemption seriously

Tiger Woods is gearing up for a major throwback at Valhalla, where memories of past glories hang as thick as morning fog on the fairways.

He's there early, taking his exemption seriously (we mentioned how reportedly serious in a previous issue).

He’s clearly scouting the terrain ahead of next week's PGA Championship.

The golf legend, who clinched the PGA Championship twice, one of those on this very course, seems to be playing his career like a finely tuned playlist—only the greatest hits.

He’s set on making each appearance count, choosing to swing at the big ones and sparing the rest.

Is Korda downplaying her shot at history?

Remember Rocky III?

You know, where Balboa was getting distracted by the fame, working out at a 5-star hotel lobby?

Meanwhile, Clubber Lang was in a shack doing upside-down situps on a closet rack.

We would love for Nelly Korda to win the Cognizant Founders Cup (starting today), clenching the most-ever consecutive wins in the LPGA.

That said, in regards to her looming chance at history, Korda said:

“If I’m being honest, I’ve not thought about it at all.”

Nelly Korda

So, what has the world #1 been up to? Most recently the Met Gala. She’s only the second-ever professional golfer to be invited.

One guess as to the first? 🐅

Here’s what the commentators on the Golf Channel had to say about her and the Gala. (Gonna be hard not to picture Rocky taking pictures and training at that hotel.)

We love history-making, here at Easy Pars. And hope Korda brings it home.

Could be she’s trying to keep her thoughts on the next shot — a great strategy in such a mental game.

That said, so many others are looking to win (Lydia Ko, Brooke Henderson, and many others). And they could have been training like Clubber.

As we always say — we’ll see.

Update as of writing: After her first round, she sits T5 (right now), at -3. Madelene Sagström has the solo lead after an impressive -7 round. She may have that eye of the…

Big weekend of golf!

Today, we have 3 phenomenal tournaments kicking off: The PGA Wells Fargo, the LPGA Cognizant, and the PGA alternate event - the Myrtle Beach Classic. (Then, we immediately head to Valhalla next week!)

Beginning today, Nelly Korda (as we mentioned) has a chance to go 6-in-a-row for the first time in the LPGA.

In Monday’s issue, we also spoke of the double sibling rivalry, headed into the Classic, which also starts today.

Namely, the rivalries between George Bryan/Matt Atkins and Wesley Bryan/Billy Horschel.

Well, as we thought, these rivalries are clearly fodder for garnering views.

Who was in the press conference pre-tourney? BOTH George Wesley and Matt Atkins together.

Turns out they’re both genuinely nice guys who are good friends! No pre-fight square-up, like Rocky and Clubber, here.

Just wishes for each to play well, and may the best man win.

Unfortunately for Wesley, the counterpart in his rivalry (Horschel) got invited to play in the Wells Fargo. Who can blame him for taking that opportunity?

Update as of writing: Matt Atkins finished R1 with a -2. Currently Wesley Bryan is also at -2, with a few holes to go. George is even par. Billy is 4 over at the Wells Fargo 👀

It’s going to be a good couple of weeks. A shot at history, friendly rivalry, and Tiger in another Major.

Let’s go!

Meme of the Day


That’s it for this issue, golfer.

We cannot wait to bring Monday’s issue with all that unfolds — starting today!

Later gator,